Joyce Passananti
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Global Goals

Game dev, social justice

Global Goals is a project I collaborated on with Daria Schifrina for Venus Hacks 2021 which won Best Hack for Social Good. The project devpost can be accessed here, and we have a YouTube walkthrough for it as well. It's a browser-based game hosted here that encourages social activism through a community-oriented app that enables players to grow an oasis of animals by engaging in social justice work. To earn rewards, players can donate to non-profit organizations, share causes on social media, and sign petitions. Our project is hosted on Replit, uses Python, Flask, SQLite. All graphics were proudly designed and drawn by us!

Eyes Free Mobile App

Mobile app, accessibility

This research project focused on examining mobile services available to the visually impaired community, and culminated in an application + paper describing our research process, app development, and study findings. Our solution took shape as a centralized, eyes-free application to help blind or low-vision individuals accomplish many of their day-to-day needs. For dev/evaluation we used the Expo platform and React Native framework, using libraries and sensors compatible with both Android and iOS: the microphone, accelerometer, and camera. Our backend is set up with Google Cloud, leveraging Google Cloud APIs for object identification, speech-to-text, text recognition, and text-to-speech.

Music Gallery

GAN, algorithmic music

An immersive experience that plays around with generated music and art through many outlets. For pre-generated songs I used RunwayML to style transfer the photos using various models, and generated the jukebox tracks with pretrained models as well. The "generate song" page produces a custom track each time and uses tone.js, while the "create song" page allows a user to interact with a keyboard model to test and record their own song. Overall this was just a casual exploration of computer/ai-generated music that is definitely unpolished, but fun to play around with and fun to make! *a-frame is supported best by firefox and takes a few minutes to load all assets*