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SculptAR: Direct Manipulations of Machine Toolpaths in Augmented Reality for 3D Clay Printing

    Joyce Passananti, Ana Cardenas, Jennifer Jacobs, Tobias Hollerer
    UIST Demo Track 2023
    With SculptAR we seek to support fabrication workflows where clay artists can previsualize and dimension their vessel in the fabrication context and manipulate the shape textures and forms created by these toolpaths in an immersive 3D context. By visualizing the machine toolpath directly, we allow clay artists to leverage their unique knowledge and experience of the material to design structurally sound vessels.

Level-of-Detail AR: Dynamically Adjusting Augmented Reality Level of Detail Based on Visual Angle

    A. Wysopal, V. Ross, J. Passananti, K. Yu, B. Huynh and T. Hollerer
    IEEE VR 2023
    Dynamically adjusting the content of augmented reality (AR) applications to efficiently display information best fitting the available screen estate may be important for user performance and satisfaction. We present a Level-of-Detail AR mechanism to improve the usability of AR applications at any relative size. Our mechanism dynamically renders textual and interactable content based on its legibility, interactability, and viewability respectively.

ThermalRouter: Enabling Users to Design Thermally-Sound Devices

    Alex Mazursky, Borui Li, Shan-Yuan Teng, Dasha Shifrina, Joyce Passananti, Svitlana Midianko, Pedro Lopes
    UIST 2023
    We created a CAD plugin that assists users with to improve the thermal performance of their models. ThermalRouter automatically converts regions of the model to be made from thermally-conductive materials (such as nylon or metallic-silicone). The key is that ThermalRouter automatically simulates the thermal performance of many possible heat channel configurations and presents the user with the most thermally-sound design (e.g., lowest temperature).

ecoEDA: Recycling E-waste During Electronics Design

    Jasmine Lu, Beza Desta, K. D. Wu, Romain Nith, Joyce Passananti, Pedro Lopes
    UIST 2023
    We present an interactive tool that enables electronics designers to explore recycling electronic components during the design process. We accomplish this via (1) creating suggestions to assist users in identifying and designing with recycled components; and (2) maintaining a library of useful data relevant to reuse (e.g., allowing users to find which devices contain which components).

Current Research

Augmented Cognition: EEG in Mobile AR

    Currently developing a user study on the MagicLeap + EEG headset using Unity to explore the relationship between eye tracking + brain signals across sitting, head movement, and walking conditions in AR.


    An application that allows game developers to apply textures from the surrounding to virtual game objects to create a more cohesive and realistic environment.
    A developer can utilize our program to procure the texture of a flat surface, then
    • Control the size and orientation for the patch of texture lifted
    • Modify/place virtual objects in scene with the procured texture
    • Allow physics interaction of game objects with users gestures
    CohesiveAR builds upon previous work to extend texture mapping to AR objects, allowing elements of the physical world to be translated to virtual objects.